I have decided I am SICK of thinking about my weight. And I see zero correlation (and maybe even a negative one??) between me thinking about my weight and me getting near the weight I want to be. Fuck it, I just can't care anymore. Here is a list of things I would rather think about:

- My new job and how amazeballs it's going to be once I start

- What might happen in season 3 of Sherlock and whether I should read the original stories

- What color(s) to paint my nails

- Whether I might be able to learn how to cut my own hair using youtube videos

- Doing a systematic study of which cat litter is truly the best (i.e. doesn't end up in my BED....ewwww)


- The arc of the sitcom I've been dying to write (I "watch" it in my head and it too is amazeballs)

Anyone got any other suggestions?